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In our own production facilities, we develop and produce high-quality gloves and always place great emphasis on first-class quality. In this way, we operate globally and see ourselves as a human and strategic partner at eye level – without compromising on speed and quality.




We develop and produce high-quality nitrile gloves in our own production facilities, which we supply globally. Our nitrile gloves are tested and certified under international valid standards. The production is always done with a very high quality standard and this high quality is permanently guaranteed by our daily testing process.

Only high quality materials are used for production. Also, our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to develop the best and most innovative products in the glove industry. Our constant goal in mind is to produce and guarantee the best quality of nitrile gloves for the safety of human life.

do it too!

do it too!

About us

What drives us is the constant motivation to become better and to be a strategic, reliable partner for you,

Equipment advantages

Fully automatic, new type of production line, specially designed and built in Germany, which is at the cutting edge of nitrile glove production. All materials used in the construction of the plant were manufactured in Germany and the EU.

Our mission

Quality products and customer satisfaction. We produce gloves that meet international requirements, specifications and standards. We act responsibly as a company that places the highest priority on the health of the environment, the well-being of our employees, health and safety.

Our philosophy

Our greatest asset is the strength of our people. We constantly strive to improve, innovate and set new standards and strive further to meet and exceed customer requirements

Safety and health guideline

All measures are taken to improve the safety and health of our employees. Our intervention in this critical area is governed by the relevant laws and other directives issued by the relevant authorities. We will also initiate activities that promote the safety, health and environment of those affected by our company’s activities.

Sustainability & Conservation

Because sustainability is a key to a healthier world.

Application areas

Our nitrile gloves are soft, elastic, durable and have texture at the fingertips

Global. For you!

Being fast means being represented internationally. Here’s how to find our strategic locations around the globe.

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